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Our Approach


Red Skye strives to use equine and animal assisted therapy to improve the lives of people who are struggling with psychological and emotional disabilities and to integrate animal assisted therapy into community programs.

Our Story

Our Story

Dr Wiseman began with just one dog, Phoebe, and realized how helpful she was to clients.  The program blossomed from there to include more dogs and miniature donkeys.

Meet Some of the Team

Claire "Vicky" Wiseman, PHD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. For more than twenty years, she has guided individuals and groups through the challenges of a broad range of mental health issues.




Therapy labradors registered with Pet Partners to work with people



Miniature Donkey therapist, registered with Pet Partners


Listening Ears

Miniature donkey therapist registered with Pet Partners

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Our certified unique group of animals and staff members will meet you at Faith Hill Farm or we come to you, making it easier to experience the benefits of the human animal bond. Depending on the group, we will create an interactive experience that will never be forgotten.